iFixYouri Case Study


iFixyouri is a electronic-device repair shop founded in 2009 by Chris Johncke, an engineer. The company has grown from a mail-in service in Palm Beach Gardens, FL, to 8 store-front locations in Florida and Massachusetts. Soon, iFixyouri will open a shop in Austin, Texas. The exponential growth is largely due to their web presence.

As an e-commerce website, the goal of the iFixyouri website is to develop rapport and trust with potential customers, while showcasing their expertise and ability to repair a wide variety of devices, as well as the events which cause the damage. iFixyouri had a good reputation for excellent work and fast results, but they wanted to know how to take their website to the next level, so they hired Sixth Man Marketing for an expert audit, as well as tracking their successes through website analytics.



Sixth Man Marketing was able to identify several best practices for user experience that iFixyouri was able to implement. The result was an increase in sales of 250% in the first three months after the update. iFixyouri was able to streamline their online sales process, and make the process considerably easier for users to self-segregate what service they wanted, identify what products iFixyouri repairs , and complete their tasks on the website.


iFixYouri is a one-stop shop for professional iPhone fixes, parts, tools, and know how. They offer mail-in services, do-it-yourself kits, and a have stores in Florida and Massachusetts to serve customers.

Website: ifixyouri.com

Services Provided

  • Analytics Analysis & Reporting
  • Usability Audit
  • Interaction Design


What started out as a blog grew into an online community, then into an e-commerce business. Beardbrand’s has gone from launch to $100,000 per month in revenue in under a year.