Google Analytics For Marketers – Next Class Series TBD

This six-week course helps marketing professionals and business owners use the power of website data to improve their business. We’ll walk you through how to use Google Analytics and teach you the in-the-trenches details you need to know in this data-driven marketplace. We’ll also help you become Google Analytics certified! And we’ll keep on helping you attain that goal (well past the time period of this course, if needed) until you have it!

This class series focuses on how to use Google Analytics to achieve your business and marketing goals. It’s broken up into six classes with additional one-on-one time to answer all of your questions. The class is designed to be 100% applicable to your marketing efforts, business growth, and career development.  Our mission is to turn you into an analytics rock star! Just ask any of the professionals that have taken the course 🙂

Class size is limited. Reserve your spot today!