Washington Trust Bank Case Study

Ensuring a Successful Website Redesign

Washington Trust Bank (WA Trust) partnered with Sixth Man Marketing for a multi-year engagement, in preparation for a complete website overhaul.

Online Marketing Training

After a member of the bank’s marketing department attended our 6-week online marketing class, Sixth Man Marketing was engaged to teach a year-long, customized training to the entire WA Trust marketing team. The training focused on best practices of analytics, campaign tracking, usability, SEO, Local Search, and Conversion Rate Optimization. Classes included interactive demonstrations, one-on-one instruction, and hands-on lab components.

Sixth Man Marketing then partnered with WA Trust to launch and track several online marketing campaigns. Specific campaigns during this time included: an increase in home loan applications, as well as an increase in personal and business checking accounts—all during a recession.

Website Strategy & User Testing

The next aspect of the project was a complete overhaul of the WA Trust website. As the schedule for the overhaul was being planned, Sixth Man Marketing conducted unmoderated usability tests for key online banking tasks to test WA Trust’s assumptions about what users needed and wanted.

WA Trust assumed, and Sixth Man Marketing confirmed through testing, that there were three specific types of clients/users for the WA Trust website. Users tended to self-segment into the categories of personal banking, business banking, and wealth management. Each category had different needs for content, tasks, and support. With information from the user testing, WA Trust was able to segment and plan content and web forms for each different kind of user/client, strategically using best practices for usability, navigation, and task-flow.

Website Redesign & Launch

The overhaul was a comprehensive process that utilized the collective expertise and internal strengths of the Marketing Team, as well as the expertise of Sixth Man Marketing.

The main goals of the website overhaul were:

  • To improve usability dramatically;
  • To simplify the online banking process and tasks for each category of user (personal, business, wealth management);
  • To improve the interactivity of the website by adding multiple calls to action (CTAs) throughout the website;
  • To reduce the need for dropdown menus by segregating content in a more logical way; and
  • To inspire customer loyalty and showcase the longstanding history and community involvement of WA Trust.

Sixth Man Marketing helped create a manageable update schedule, with due dates for deliverables. Sixth Man Marketing developed wireframes to simplify the design of specific pages, and conducted usability tests on the wireframes. Sixth Man Marketing also conducted extensive user testing to ascertain the ease of use for navigation systems, and categorization of content on the site.

User testing is an iterative process, with goals and tasks that each user needs to complete. During each round of testing, a task or goal was measured: e.g. are users able to log on to their personal bank accounts? Are they able to transfer money? Are they able to find content on the Support page for certain problems? During the resign process, the Marketing Team asked Sixth Man Marketing to test their assumptions, and confirm that what they were planning was in line with best practices for Usability.

Sixth Man Marketing was able to help create a reasonable timeline expectation to complete the work, and provide guidance with A/B User testing, wireframes, and usability insights.

The Result

Sixth Man Marketing conducted post-launch Usability tests for different audience segments and users were able to complete their tasks with minimal difficulty. Users rated the website very highly. Sixth Man Marketing enjoys a positive relationship with Washington Trust Bank, and we are very proud to have contributed to such a satisfying project.


Washington Trust Bank has been a vital part of the Spokane Community for more than one hundred years, and it has been instrumental in shaping some of Spokane’s history.

Website: watrust.com

Services Provided

  • Online Marketing Campaigns
  • Training
  • User Testing
  • Interaction Design


User testing of the new website proved highly successful and users gave it very high satisfaction ratings.