We: Research, Measure
Test, & Teach

We provide research, measurement, and testing that provides independent expert guidance. We also teach you everything we know along the way. Everything.

And since we don’t provide branding, creative, or website design our findings and recommendations are impartial.

Services Provided

The specific services that encompass our research, measurement, testing and teaching work are outlined below.

Research: competitive research, qualitative research, heuristic reviews

Measurement: Google Analytics implementation, Google Tag Manager implementation, dashboard creation, custom reporting, analytics audits & recommendations, data visualization, analytics insights & recommendations

Testing: moderated user testing, remote user testing, A/B testing, multivariate testing, prototype creation & testing, form/funnel testing

Teaching: Google Analytics training, digital marketing training, corporate training & presentations, custom digital marketing presentations, Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing (Gonzaga University, Whitworth University), LocalU presentations