Sixth Man Marketing can provide a range of usability services that will identify ways to improve users’ experience of your website or application.

Website Audit

It’s hard to know exactly which way to go unless you already know where you are. Our website audit pinpoints where you are currently and provides you with a detailed roadmap for getting to where you want to be. Expect a personalized report full of actionable advice designed to move you quickly towards your goals.

You’ll find your Sixth Man Marketing audit extremely valuable, whether you choose to do the work yourself, have another agency do it for you or hire us to do it.

User Testing

User testing allows us to see how real people are interacting with your website and to discover what works and doesn’t work. With these insights, we can tell you how to change the design, messaging and functionality to better serve your users.

We can test your existing website, a fully-implemented design, or early wireframes/prototypes. User testing can be used to evaluate the total user experience of your website or just a single feature you want to improve (landing pages, checkout processes, sign-up forms, etc.)

Interaction Design (UI/UX)

Our interaction designers, who have backgrounds in visual design, information architecture and user research, can design the layout of a simple web page or a complex transaction process. Special attention is paid to content and functionality that will improve usability.

This process of quickly mocking up a website or application allows for early and iterative testing, improving the final design and reducing the need for changes during development. These wireframes and prototypes can be used by developers or agencies to implement the design.

A/B Testing

Our team of designers and strategists combine their talents to test individual elements of your website against one another to optimize and maximize your site’s potential.

We take the guessing-game out of your businesses’ website by providing data-backed conversion rates on elements of the user experience to find out what works best and how we can make it even better.